Faith, Willits

Monika was an amazing inspiration to me for my up coming birth. With memories of my past birth that haunt me. Monika showed me to believe what I did was a miracle, and that I could succeed in bringing a beautiful child into our world even through the pain, and discouragement of getting an epidural. She helped to show me not to doubt myself and see that I can truly do it again. That I will be able to make it all the way to 10 cm this time without pain medicine. Monika was very helpful in leading me into visualization and a meditative state. To picture my self floating peacefully from the shore of pregnancy to the beach of motherhood once more. I’ve been trying to use visualization and hyponobirthing, and Monika helped me truly visualize very vividly for the first time. Monika’s knowledge of birth, the anatomy and spirituality of the blessed event was exactly what I was looking for with my last pregnancy and was unable to find! I’m very thankful and blessed to have met Monika and know that when I’m birthing my child her words of encouragement and wisdom will whisper in my ears. Thank you, Monika!!

Ellen, Dos Rios

ellen, dylan, takoda“I feel so lucky that I met Monika when I was pregnant with my first baby. From the beginning I felt informed and well cared for thanks to her expertise. She provided amazing pre-natal care- at every visit I felt like I learned something new. Monika encouraged me to be healthy and happy throughout the pregnancy. As I went into labor, she was there every step of the way supporting my partner and I. She was caring, supportive and honest with me throughout the process. My baby & I were in amazing hands! After the birth, Monika was also there to support us. Her knowledge and care were amazing & really helped get us through the first few weeks smoothly. Monika is an amazing woman and midwife and I feel so blessed that she was there to help bring our son into the world!”

Audrey, Humboldt County

My pregnancy was a scattered jumble of decision making and moving around. However I was equally blissed by the feeling of a baby moving around inside me, constantly imagining what the birth would be like and who this child would turn out to be. Throughout my journey I met many great people who helped me grow into the mama I needed to be to do this great work. Monika Rosicka was an inspiration to me and someone I could immediately relate to as we were both pregnant and due around the same time. When I met her I wished she could be my mid-wife but since our births were so close, it could not be. So…we decided to do some of the prenatal care together until I figured out where and with whom to do the birth. In only a few visits she really helped me to connect with my baby and my body in a new way. She also helped me feel more confidant in the process of birth and assured me that the details would all work themselves out. The records she took during our visits also aided my birth midwife in knowing me and the baby more clearly since we joined on with her late in the pregnancy.

Another awesome and amazing gift Monika gave me while pregnant was the opportunity to learn about placenta medicine. Since I grew up around livestock, I had a different perspective than most about the placenta. Healthy mama mammals eat their placenta after birth…if they don’t…it is a signal that something is not quite right with the mama and/or baby and is a warning sign for possible future problems. Knowing this, it was a no brainer to me that humans also can gain vital nutrition and hormone balancing from consuming their placenta. When I finally decided to go and have my baby in Wyoming, I realized that there would be no option for finding somebody to encapsulate my placenta there as the birth services are not what they are here in CA. So I asked Monika if I could learn the process in order to encapsulate my own when the time came. She agreed and taught me the traditional Chinese method that she used and knew. After having my baby and encapsulating my own placenta, I realized that this service was extremely needed in the town I was in. I made an informational pamphlet about the process and benefits. After posting them around town-I started working and encapsulating placentas for new mamas in Wyoming. This gave me a window into a world I didn’t know existed-the bliss and magic that can surround a healthy and happy birth experience. This work of encapsulating placenta’s gave me the push I needed to dive deeper into the world of pregnancy and birth. Now I am a student of midwifery and am working as a Doula. I am still encapsulating placentas even though I have moved back to CA. I am extremely grateful for the influence that all my birth/pregnancy team offered me while pregnant. Not only did it shape my birth experience but this influence changed me into the mother I am now and gave me a new direction in my life. Thank you!

Emilie and Kaleb, Mendocino County

I don’t know if I really believed I could give birth to my daughter naturally, at home, until she was lying on my chest in our bed, and I can never thank Monika enough for guiding me to that amazing point in my life and beyond. After many years working in healthcare, I never imagined she could provide us with such comprehensive pre-, peri-, and postnatal care, and I cannot recommend her more highly.

As first-time parents, my partner and I felt overwhelmed with all the decisions and life changes facing us, and Monika patiently guided us through the preparation for birth. She took the time at every prenatal visit to not just check my basic health but also to really check in with me as a person, my stress, my sleep, my diet. We also really enjoyed her birth class – we learned several stretches and exercises that helped a lot during labor. More importantly, both in her classes and her prenatal checkups, Monika created a space where it felt easy and safe to ask questions and express ourselves. I really liked the frequency and continuity of our check-ups, and her nutritional advice noticeably improved my vitality during my third trimester and undoubtedly helped during delivery too. I tested positive for Group B strep and was concerned about the risks this could pose during a home birth, and she answered all my questions, recommended supplements, and went to great lengths to make sure I had all the resources I wanted available to me. When my labor started, I felt as prepared as I could be.

During my delivery, she was everything, everyone, everywhere I needed her to be. My daughter’s birth was the most wonderful experience of my life, and Monika brought us through this terrifying miracle safe and sound with great skill and wisdom. She spent hours with us postpartum to make sure that my daughter was nursing and we were both comfortable, and came back to check on us again 12 hours later when we had some trouble breastfeeding. I could not have felt more supported. The placenta medicine she prepared for me was invaluable for smoothing out the emotional highs and lows of the first couple months, and I continue to use it occasionally whenever I’m feeling especially stressed or tired. Over the days and weeks that followed, the postpartum visits were just as critical to our transition into parenthood as the prenatal checkups were to our daughter’s transition to the outside world. Her dad and I are continually grateful for the opportunity we had to bring her into the world in such a nurturing way – for all three of us! Monika has made an indelible mark on our lives, not just for the amazing gift of our daughter, but for the patience, compassion and knowledge that she has shared with us.

Danielle and Kumar, Ukiah


Monika was incredibly supportive and present as our midwife. She was thorough with the information and care she provided to our entire family. We were able to have birth classes led by her as well which were comfortable and informative. She fully supported our birth vision and offered useful alternatives to emulate our dream birth. Her ideals and spiritual beliefs were very in line with ours, which was very important to us. She provided a safe space for our concerns and questions with an openness. When our baby’s breech position and low amniotic fluid levels were discovered in parallel care at 35 weeks, it became clear he would need to be born quickly. We ended up with an unplanned and swiftly scheduled c-section. She was immediately flexible in her supportive role. She went above and beyond and we felt very blessed! Our hospital birth experience was better having her presence and loving care as part of it. She was a great advocate during the process as well. Post-birth she made healing food and drink and prepared sacred placenta medicine. We also encountered latch-issues and her support was very helpful <3. Her mama-focused healing was amazing too. We are grateful for our experience with Monika helping us along on our son’s journey!

Christa Cottrell, Lucinda’s mom

Monika really supported us in making the birth process our own, from personalized attention and education about informed choices during the hour-long prenatal visits, to how and where I labored, through postpartum support.  She was fully present and confident in her practice, just as she believed in my ability to give birth.  Even though we ended up in the hospital, Monika was right there the whole time.  I cherish the beauty of the birth process in her presence.  Her integrity and compassion as an individual and as a midwife was so inspiring that I chose to apprentice with her later at a home birth.

Kristin LaFever, Madeleine’s mom

During my pregnancy I received care from Monika as well as an OBGYN at a local clinic.  Being able to compare the two types of prenatal care I received really opened my eyes to the benefits of midwifery care.  With Monika I felt instantly comfortable, free to ask any questions I had, and we spent a lot of time discussing various prenatal issues.  Most of the issues that we discussed were either never brought up at the clinic or were presented as things that I had no choice about, whereas Monika would present both the pros and cons of the subject (for example, your options if testing positive for strep-B) and allow me and my husband to decide what was best for us.  Monika established a wonderful environment for our entire pregnancy and birth, where both my husband and I felt free to be ourselves and able to understand the various issues and make our own decisions.  Unlike at the clinic, I felt like my role in the pregnancy was recognized as being very special and sacred, and that my experience at the birth was also important.  The prenatal care Monika provided was great; she is very knowledgeable about maternal and infant health, and she is respectful of your body and your opinions.

We had a homebirth, which was amazing.  Monika and two other women attended, and they were wonderful. They allowed me to follow my intuition, moving into positions that felt right to me, and they were all so calm and surrounded me with good energy.  Monika would gently make suggestions or ask questions if she needed to, but it was done in a way that didn’t intrude on my trance-like state.  After the birth of our daughter, Monika and the other women took great care of me and our baby, giving us time as a family to bond and snuggle in bed while they cleaned up and cooked a meal for my husband and I.

The post-natal care we received was great as well, with many home visits to check on the baby’s health, breastfeeding, and my health.  It was nice to have those home visits, since we came up with a lot of questions once the baby arrived!  All in all, Monika’s service was fantastic, we are so happy that we chose to have a homebirth and chose Monika for our midwife.  There is no doubt in my mind that the midwifery route was superior to the traditional OBGYN model of care, and we hope to continue to have homebirths for future children!

Catherine Elizabeth, Mya’s mom

Until I met you , five weeks before Mya’s birth day, I was extremely nervous about how I was going to handle the progression of pain and the amount of time that I was going to be enduring such pain.  Verbally, you were able to put my mind at ease by answering several daunting questions as well as explaining that labor pain is a productive pain and that the end result is all worth it.  Even more so, you explained that mental relaxation ties in with physical relaxation; the more calm, peaceful, and positive my thoughts were the less tense my muscles would be, allowing my body to do what it already knows how to do.  Beyond the verbal support, you introduced me to Yoga.  Prenatal yoga not only relaxed and rejuvenated my mind and body but also brought about an awareness to certain muscles that, as you explained, I’d be using during birth.  The stretches and positions that you covered with me equipped me with the ability to stay calm, focused and draw from an inward strength to ride out every contraction.

Two and a half months after Mya’s birth I am still so grateful for your knowledge and support.  I believe the yoga and meditation methods we went over allowed me to have a positively beautiful pain-killer free birth.  I can honestly say:  “wow, that wasn’t so bad,” a statement that I would never have thought I’d make before I met you.  So, thank you Monika, for your time, effort and knowledge, you most definitely made an everlasting impact on my life, and the life of my child.

Jamie Mendez Galeone

Hey Monika…I just wanted to tell you what a beautiful soul you truly are.  Your presence in our lives has been a divine gift.  Thank you for giving me the most incredible birth!!!  You are a friend for life to us and we hope to see you as Daniel grows into our world. Peace and blessings.