Tree Of Life Midwifery Services offers holistic care during the entire childbearing cycle and beyond…

  • Preconception and Fertility Awareness Method can help you know your cycle and trust your body so you can either enhance your chances of conceiving for both partners (including women who are in relationships with women) as well as use the method as a natural form of family planning and child spacing.
  • Pre/postnatal yoga is a great way to stay connected with your changing body and prepare or recover from the birth.  Currently I teach privately but have taught group classes in the past. This might be a fun gift for someone.  You can also invite me to teach at a special gathering or event.
  • Blessingways and Belly Casts honor the pregnant woman’s journey into motherhood.  I’ve been asked to lead special ceremonies at various times, usually for clients or friends, and wish to offer this service to the wider community.  A belly cast will last for years when properly cared for and is usually done toward the end of the pregnancy to remember the shape of the belly–oh so lovely!!!
  • Initial Consultation for birth services at no cost to begin exploring your birth vision and get to know one another.
  • Private Insurance may help offset some of the costs.
  • Sliding scale and payment plans are available.